12 recommendations for lighting the apartment corridor

Often, the corridor design is not given as much time as required. This is explained by the fact that this room is not intended for a long stay in it, so no one is surprised by its small size and dim light. Editorial office of the siteElecroexpert"I absolutely disagree with such a fate of the entrance, because the first impression of your" cozy nest "in the guest is formed precisely on the basis of this place. The main thing is to make the lighting in the corridor of the apartment competently, and your room can change beyond recognition!

Sources of light

It's no secret that the corridors in panel houses are so dark, because they rarely get natural light. There are no windows in this place, so it is so important to choose the right sources for artificial lighting. These include:

  • chandeliers;
  • floor lamps and sconces;
  • spots;
  • Spotlights;
  • backlight LED strip.

Option with sconces

Initially, you need to decide which fixtures to choose for DIY installation. In any case, the first rule to remember is that the central lighting from one chandelier is not suitable for the corridor in the apartment. It is best to arrange lighting with spotlights and wall lights on the ceiling.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with useful video ideas on how to make the light in the corridor correctly:

Options for the apartment

Key recommendations

There are quite a few tips for lighting the corridor. We tried to highlight the main recommendations that you should know, and we are happy to share them:

  1. It doesn’t matter what corridor you have in the apartment (large, small, narrow and long, or the letter G), try to make combined lighting. As mentioned above, a large chandelier in the middle of the ceiling would be a bad option. For example, below are photos of interesting design:
  2. The light in the hallway should be the same brightness as in other rooms of the house.
  3. A good idea would be connect motion sensor (sometimes called a day-night sensor). Agree, it is very convenient when the light turns on automatically without a switch, as soon as you enter the room.
  4. For a suspended ceiling, you can use the built-in lights around the perimeter. Such lighting will visually expand the room.
  5. If you have stretch ceilings, try experimenting with LED strip or spotlights. This option will also help visually expand the hallway in the apartment and make the ceilings higher. In addition, there are stylish ideas for lighting the corridor, which can make it unique!Stretch ceiling
  6. Focus on the details. Beautiful mirror lighting, shelves, cabinets or paintings - there is clearly where to go for a fantasy! It is also not forbidden to emphasize photographs in frames, vases or favorite figurines.
  7. If you are not a supporter of bright corridor lighting, we recommend using wall lights.Be sure to choose the correct level of location on the wall so that they do not interfere or shine in the eyes.
  8. If you have low ceilings in the apartment, compact sconces are suitable for the interior. On high, you can even place several beautiful chandeliers (this applies to those cases when the hallway, in addition, is long enough).Original idea
  9. Remember that bulky floor lamps can also interfere with the interior and make the room visually smaller. Especially if the hallway in the apartment is very small and narrow.
  10. Choose halogen lamps or incandescent lamps for lighting, they are closer to natural sunlight. By the way, matte shades will make the light in the room softer and “more comfortable.”
  11. The norms of lighting the hallway based on the "Sanitary norms and rules" - 50-75 Lx (1 lumen per sq.m).
  12. An original idea that is gaining popularity and will surprise your guests is the highlight of the baseboard. This will be especially true above the stairs. Execution options, you can see on these photos:

That's all the modern ideas for lighting the corridor in the apartment, with photos and videos that we wanted to provide you. It does not matter where you live - in Khrushchev, a cottage or a huge house. Always pay attention to trifles, and life will become much brighter and brighter, even if it is just about repair!

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