How to make backlight curtains with LED strip?

Everyone seeks to equip their home as beautiful and comfortable as possible. The modern design idea with the use of hidden lighting curtains in the apartment has gained great popularity. The curtain, to which the LED strip is attached, makes it possible to perceive the room in a completely different way, expanding its boundaries, and focusing all attention on the originality of the curtains and tulle. The visual perception of the room depends on where to direct the light and where to place the light source. The reflected lighting that comes from the ceiling will look very effective. Next, we will talk about how to make the curtains of LED strip lights, providing installation instructions and photo examples of ready-made solutions.

Mounting technology

In order for the LED backlight to be on the curtain, when laying electrical wiring in the room, it is necessary to place a special box made of drywall above the window, into which the cables will be placed. In this box there will be a tape and a transformer, from which the backlight will work.

Then you need to proceed to the installation of the transformer. It is mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. It is fastened, as a rule, with dowels and in such a place so that wires can be easily brought to the DC source.

Before connecting the cables, disconnect the power supply. After that, connect the power cable to N and L (in this case, the white phase wire is connected to the L element, and the blue neutral wire is connected to N). The LED strip is connected to the device through the elements V + and V-. The connection diagram is shown below:

Connection of LED strip 10 meters

Important! After the installation and connection of all the wires to the power supply unit has been completed, it is necessary to start connecting the transformer and the strip. The LED strip is fixed with a wire, which is located in a niche. The backlight is fixed by soldering. About, how to connect a LED strip with your own hands, we told in detail in a separate article.

In order for the curtain to be highlighted from the inside and combined well in the interior, some points must be taken into account:

  1. The curtain should look good with lighting, and the LED strip should not be seen by a person who is looking at the curtain. Only the backlight should be visible, as in the photo below:Light under the eaves
  2. Light should not be covered with curtains or any other elements.
  3. In relation to the canvas, the LED backlighting should have a tangent direction.
  4. In accordance with fire safety regulations, do not place the power source close to surfaces that are susceptible to high temperatures. This means that the distance to the curtain should be significant. The photo shows the LED strip, which is located along the entire length of the wall:

Ceiling perimeter lighting

As for the installation of the LED strip, there is an adhesive base on the back of the strip, thanks to which it can be attached to any flat surface.The best solution would be an aluminum profile. It is small and the curtain will cover it. Its standard length is 2 m.

Before sticking, make sure that the LED strip is insulated from aluminum. This is necessary in order to avoid short circuit. Then you need to attach the tape to two aluminum profiles and solder a pair of wires between them. After the lighting strip has been installed in the profile, it must be tested. Lighting can be switched on together with the general light or it can be done with a separate switch.

Another option for installing the backlight is on the ledge. In this case, the curtain will hide the brightness of the light, and look more original. A photo example of such an arrangement of the tape is shown below:

Fixing strip cornice

In addition, the curtain can be illuminated by the spot method. Typically, this method is used to emphasize lambrequins. When installing LEDs on a rigid structure, attention is focused on the circuit. But for its implementation it is necessary to be extremely accurate and accurate.

Spotlights curtains

We also recommend watching a video that shows how to make your own curtain backlighting:

Examples of ready-made solutions

And finally, we recommend that you view the photos, which clearly demonstrate the backlighting of the curtains with an LED strip. Please note that with a stretch ceiling, curtain lighting looks quite original and beautiful:

Stretch Ceiling Lighting

Modern living room interior

Children's room

Contemporary Curtain Lighting


So we looked at how to make the backlight curtains and curtains with LED strip. We hope that the provided installation tips and photo examples inspired you to make this solution yourself!

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