How to make LED bed lighting?

One of the options for decorative lighting of a children's room and bedroom is the creation of hidden lighting in the bedside area. For this, as a rule, they use an LED strip or duralight, which is mounted around the perimeter of the bed. Next, we will examine in detail how to make a bed with your own hands, providing several options for instructions with photos and video examples!

Idea # 1 - LED Strip

It is best to connect a single-color or multi-color (RGB) LED strip down the contour of the bed. In the first case, you only need a tape with diodes and a suitable power supply. In the second case, you additionally need to buy an RGB controller and a control panel to create a suitable shade of illumination.Diode tape photo

So, to make the LED lighting yourself under the bed in the bedroom, you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose LED Strip suitable length (measure the perimeter of the bed). Also choose a suitable power supply, the power of which should be 20-30% more than the total power of the tapes. Additionally, a two-wire wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm is required2, plastic clamps for fixing lights under the bed, microswitch and soldering iron.
  2. Select the option to connect the tape to the network. We recommend to see immediately RGB tape connection schemes from 5 to 20 meters. In our example, the following connection scheme is considered:Connection diagram of elements
  3. Determine the exact location of the power supply and tape under the bed. It is better to place the backlight on the bottom of the sidewalls of the bed. We recommend attaching the power supply with a clamp under one of the slats. You can visually see the best option for fixing the backlight under the bed with your own hands in the video below.
  4. Degrease the area of ​​the bed on which the tape will be glued. To do this, you can use special refined gasoline.
  5. According to the scheme, solder all the elements into one circuit. The microswitch must be connected to the power supply and placed in a convenient place, for example, near the head. Recommended DIY soldering ironif this power tool is not in your home workshop.
  6. Check the connection by turning on the LED lights on the bed.
Overview of the finished LED illumination of the sleeping bed

Wi-Fi hidden backlight

Here, according to such instructions, one can easily make decorative lighting from below the bedside zone. A reasonable complement to such an idea would be motion sensor connection to the backlight as shown in the video above. In this case, the LED strip will turn on only if the sensor detects movement in the bedroom, which will make the hidden lighting not only functional, but also economical!

Idea No. 2 - Duralight

Another way to make a hidden illumination of the floor under the bed with your own hands is to connect a duralight (a special luminous cord) along the outline of the bed.In this case, the creation of decorative lighting will also take a little time, and from the materials you only need a duralight, an electric cable to connect to the network, special plugs, screws and fasteners.Duralight

So, independently fix the duralight under the bed as follows:

  1. Choose a suitable place to attach the luminous cord.
  2. On one end of each duralight fasten special caps.
  3. Connect the electric cable to the free ends.
  4. Fix the backlight at the bottom of the bed. Mounts must be installed every 25 cm.
  5. Connect the cable to the network and check the finished decorative lighting.

As you can see, making a bed with your own hands in a children's room or bedroom is not very difficult. For inspiration, we recommend that you look at ready-made photo ideas:Modern bedroom interiorBeautiful illumination of the bedsideThe original bed of pallets

By the way, another alternative option for creating lighting over the bed will be sconce connection or lamps behind the back. In the second case, the backlight will also be hidden, but the light will emphasize the area of ​​the head, and not the floor, which in its own way will interestingly complement the interior of the room. This option looks something like the photo:Light behindCreative headboard lighting
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    Good day! But can this be solved by spotlights? I mean recessed. and which ones are good then?

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      Hello! It is possible, but why? It is not so convenient to fix spotlights under the bed, and besides, to have uniform illumination, you will have to install them every 20-30 cm. Why such waste? LED strip in this case wins much more!

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