Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Wolkinz Cosmo

The German company Wolkinz Electronics in 2018 released a new model of a robot vacuum cleaner called Cosmo. The device is designed for dry cleaning and wet mopping of the floor with a microfiber cloth. The main distinguishing features of the device are its modern design, a laser sensor for orientation in space, the ability to build a room map, control via a mobile application, as well as the location of the dust bag in the lower part of the case (usually it is located on the top or side). Let us consider in more detail the features of this model in our review.


The Wolkinz Cosmo package contains the following components:

  1. Vacuum cleaner robot.
  2. Charging base.
  3. Power adapter.
  4. Magnetic tape to limit movement.
  5. Two sets of side brushes (one of them is a spare).
  6. Optional brush filter for cleaning.
  7. Removable wet cleaning unit.
  8. Spare wipe for wet mopping.
  9. Quick start guide.
  10. The instruction manual is in Russian.
  11. Guarantee.

Options Wolkinz

Accessories are packed in a dense corporate box of white color with the image of the robot itself. The box has a plastic handle for easy carrying and transporting the device.


The design of the Wolkinz Cosmo robot was developed by German engineers, which is why it differs from most robotic devices. When viewed from above, a robot vacuum cleaner resembles a cosmic object to match its name. The case is made of durable plastic, the upper part is glossy, the color scheme of the device is black and gray. In general, the front of the device is concise, here we see a protruding laser radar, a power button, an indicator strip and an inscription with the brand name.

View from above

When viewing the side, a movable bumper with an ultrasonic emitter and receivers, shock sensors is visible, and on the back there are charging contacts, support brackets and ventilation holes.

Side view

On the reverse side of the robot there are drive wheels, one supporting swivel wheel and one additional, inlet opening in the center, a pair of side brushes, a power switch, height sensors, a dust collector with a handle. If it is necessary to wet the floor, a separate unit is attached to the bottom.

Bottom view


Next, consider a brief overview of the technical characteristics of the Cosmo robot vacuum cleaner model.

Accumulator battery Li-ion; 14.8 V; 3350 mAh;
Average battery life 120 minutes
Recharge time 180 minutes
Rated power 120 watts
Suction power 1600 Pa
Maximum cleaning area 250 sqm
Type and capacity of the dust bag Cyclone Filter, 800 ml
dimensions 37x35x9.5 cm
Weight 3.82 kg
Noise level 60 dB
Extra options
Sensors Ultrasonic, laser radar (lidar)
Control Button on the case, through the application on the smartphone
Harvest Area Limiter Magnetic tape
Building a room map +
Soft bumper +
Fine filter +
Day Programming +


To begin, consider the principle of cleaning a robot vacuum cleaner. Wolkinz Cosmo has two side brushes that collect small particles of debris and dust from the floor, and then direct them to the suction port. The test confirmed that the robot copes quite effectively with its main task - collecting fine dirt, hair and pet hair from the floor. The device also cleans surfaces along walls and in corners well thanks to the rectangular shape of the front of the case.

Corner floor cleaning

At the same time, the robot vacuum cleaner is capable of wet wiping the floor. To do this, you need to attach to the bottom of the device a separate unit with a microfiber cloth, pre-filling it with water. Tank capacity is enough for one cycle of work.

Microfiber installed

Before you start using the robot, you should take the following steps:

  • Download the special Wolkinz Cosmo app in the app store. After downloading, we recommend setting up the network, since this allows you to expand the control capabilities of the device. So, after setting up the network, you can turn on normal cleaning, program the cleaning schedule and a number of other functions.
  • Install a charging dock. The robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to it after the end of work.
  • Press the power button of the robot cleaner to start it and put it on the floor to dock the device with the base. Using the indicator, you can determine the current status of the Wolkinz Cosmo. Before the first use, fully charge the device and start it from the charging station.

Smartphone Control

It should be noted that if you do not use the robot vacuum cleaner for more than five minutes, it will automatically go into sleep mode, thereby saving battery consumption. The cleaning zone is limited by the magnetic tape supplied with the Wolkinz Cosmo. It can be installed in front of doors and other places where the device should not be called in at work (balcony, kitchen, bathroom).

Navigation is carried out thanks to the built-in laser radar of military-industrial and civil purposes (lidar). So, the device is capable of constructing a room map and choosing the most optimal cleaning route. The path can be tracked in the application.

Moving around the room

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner:

  1. Stylish appearance.
  2. Excellent build and workmanship.
  3. Small dimensions of the model.
  4. Rectangular front for efficient cleaning along baseboards and corners.
  5. Wet wipe function, separate water tank.
  6. High suction power.
  7. Good equipment.
  8. High capacity battery.
  9. Large capacity waste container.
  10. Well-designed navigation system.
  11. Management from a smartphone.

Disadvantages of the Wolkinz robot:

  1. High price.
  2. There is no remote control in the kit, although sometimes it is much more convenient to control it than from a smartphone.
  3. The glossy top surface requires maintenance.
  4. A robot vacuum cleaner cannot handle high pile carpets.

Finally, we recommend watching the video review of Wolkinz Cosmo:


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