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A wardrobe is a place to store things where it should be comfortable and light. It is necessary to seriously approach the arrangement of this part of the house, paying particular attention to decorative and functional lighting. In this article we will talk about the options for lighting fixtures in the dressing room and show interesting photos of examples of their use in the interior. Keep in mind that properly selected lighting fixtures can make a room not only comfortable, but also very stylish.

Most often, in a standard apartment, a pantry or part of the hallway is selected for the dressing room. Experts recommend that the area of ​​the equipped place should be at least 4 sq.m. All issues with wardrobe lighting must be clarified before the start of repair work, at the planning stage. The main rule is that the light should be as similar to natural as possible, especially if there are no windows in this part of the apartment. This is necessary so that you can use the room as a fitting room. In addition, thanks to a good backlight, it will be easy to find the right things in the closet. So, which lamps to choose for lighting a cozy dressing room? Consider all relevant options.Ceiling version

Ceiling lighting is the most popular and convenient option for this room. With a uniform distribution of light around the perimeter, you can easily find the necessary things hidden in any corner of the cabinet or rack. For a small wardrobe, spotlights located around the perimeter or LED strip are best suited. If the space allows and the ceilings are high enough, then you can choose a beautiful chandelier. This is especially true if the dressing room is decorated in a classic style. For a corner room, fixtures on clothespins that can change the angle of inclination are ideal. You can see interesting ideas for ceiling lighting in the photo:

If the cabinets and racks in the dressing room are only on one side of the wall, the most suitable option would be to use wall lights. To make lighting for your wardrobe with your own hands, you must evenly distribute the lighting fixtures on the free side of the wall.

Combination lighting is considered the most common when, in addition to chandeliers and spotlights, sconces and floor lamps in the same style are bought. A popular option also remainsmirror lighting, cabinets, shelving and drawers in the room. For installation, you can use convenient battery-powered lighting with a built-in motion sensor (they will turn on themselves when someone enters the room). By the way, this way you can not only make the wardrobe even more convenient to use, but also give it a touch of modern style. In addition to performing its direct functions, lighting can act as a decorative element. Niches in the walls, figurines, paintings, mannequins - there are lots of options for installing light.Examples of stylish decoration of the dressing room interior, thanks to various lamps, you can see in the photo:

You can choose diffused or directional lighting for the room. The only thing you should not forget is that the light in the dressing room should be pleasant, natural, powerful enough and not distort the reality. As for the choice of lamps, it is recommended to use halogen, LED, fluorescent devices or LED strip. Note that the bulbs must not come into contact with clothing in the cabinet (especially halogen bulbs, as they quickly heat up), as there is a risk of fire.

In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the ideas of lighting in the wardrobe with a video example:

Overview of interesting options

We told you about the lighting options in the dressing room and showed visual photos of examples of their application. We hope that we liked the information and now you know which lamps to choose for your wardrobe. Remember that the light should be natural, and the room itself is best done in bright colors.

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Overview of interesting options

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