Rules for installing the antenna on the roof of the house

In the heyday of satellite and cable television, especially for residents living in apartment buildings, the question of installing a television antenna on the roof almost no longer arises. This problem is still relevant for the arrangement of television broadcasting in the country or in a private house outside the city. Satellite TV is an expensive thing, not every person will allow himself to spend substantial money on the purchase of a satellite television receiver as a summer residence option, therefore, it will be a rational solution to purchase an analog receiver and fix it with your own hands. In this article we will tell readers how to install an antenna on the roof of a private house.

Antenna Mounting Options

After the antenna is purchased, before installation it is necessary to verify the availability of the hardware and pre-treat its threaded part with lithol or machine oil, in extreme cases, silicone grease or WD-40. If you decide to install an active antenna, to prevent oxidation of the contact points, it is recommended that after completing the cable connection to the electronic board, seal it with waterproof silicone.

Depending on the power and direction of the television signal, a decision is made about the location and height of the antenna. In practice, two options are most popular: on the facade of the house and on the roof. Consider both installation technologies.

On the facade of the house

The simplest and less time-consuming option. You can install a television antenna on the facade yourself without any help, but this method has a significant drawback. To ensure reliable reception, the signal of the nearest repeater should be of such a power that the receiving device does not need to be raised high. The choice of this installation option limits the material and wall decoration of the house. It is impossible to mount on siding and it is very problematic on aerated concrete masonry. The ideal option for installing the antenna on the facade wall is the case when it is made of brick or wood. When performing the installation, the distance between the fasteners should be maintained at a distance of not more than 1.5 meters. It is recommended to use anchor bolts or self-tapping screws as fixing material.

Mast installation scheme on the facade

  1. Receiving antenna device.
  2. Metal pipe or wooden beam.
  3. Bracket.
  4. Anchor bolt (self-tapping screw).

Photo examples of installation of a signal receiver on the facade:

Installing a TV antenna on the facade

TV antenna above the window

The video below demonstrates how to install a receiving antenna device on the facade of a house:

By the way, about how to make a do-it-yourself antenna for a TV, we told in a separate article. Simple instructions will help you save money and at the same time assemble the simplest version of the signal receiver!

On the roof

The most common way to install television antennas.In the zone of reliable reception, when there is no need to raise the antenna to a high height, it can be fixed on a wooden beam of small length. Otherwise, it will be necessary to install the receiving antenna device on the mast, for this case special clips are provided in the antenna kit.The mast height can reach several meters, it can be made of a solid metal pipe, round or profile section, be a variant of the team or telescopic design. The most acceptable and convenient is considered a telescopic mast.During operation, the antenna must be lowered for maintenance or replacement of the electronic board; the telescopic design will allow this to be done without difficulty. All the work can be done independently, without involving additional people to help.

Mast Mounting Methods

There are several ways to mount the mast of the television antenna on the roof of the house:

Method 1 Mounting with brackets to a brick chimney pipe and ventilation. Installation is carried out using brackets with clamps that are attached to the wall with anchor bolts.

Chimney receiver

Where: 1 - mast; 2 - an arm with a collar; 3 - brick chimney and ventilation pipe; 4- anchor bolt; 5 - outdoor antenna.

Method 2 Mast installation on the ceiling with fastening to the roof structural elements.

Mounting the mast on the ceiling plate

1 - receiving antenna device; 2 - mast; 3 - a collar of fastening of a mast to a design of a roof; 4 - rafter beam.

In this case, the mast base must be installed on the ceiling slab in the attic of the house. The mast is attached with a clamp to the wooden roof structure, for this purpose it is best to use a rafter beam.

Method 3 Mounting the mast with mounts using stretch marks. If it is not possible to fix the mast to the roof structures, you can use its fastening with the help of braces made of wire or a steel cable. To do this, it is necessary to equip the mast with eyes located in the upper part of the mast structure.


After installing the receiving antenna, it is very important that the cable is correctly and securely fixed. It should be laid and fixed in such a way as to minimize the impact on it of wind sliding from the roof of the snow and streams of rainwater. The cable is mounted evenly along the entire length of the mast with the help of clamps in increments of 50 centimeters, then it is laid along the roof ridge and lowers down in the area of ​​the window through which it will be inserted into the house. At this point, the cable must be fixed with the bracket. First, in the window frame, it is necessary to drill a hole with a diameter slightly exceeding the size of the conductor. In order to prevent the ingress of precipitation through the gap in the hole, it must be drilled with an appropriate slope, it would be better if it is possible to seal it with waterproof silicone. Be sure to observe a slight slack in the cable before entering the frame, this is necessary to compensate for thermal expansion.

Laying the antenna cable through the window

Laying must be done carefully, observing the established technical requirements. The bending radius of the cable should not be less than five of its diameters, imposing mounting brackets to try to avoid crushing the sheath.


Do I need to ground the outdoor antenna? Theoretically, if there is no lightning rod in the garden, this is a safety measure. When lightning strikes, a grounded antenna device will operate in a lightning conductor mode, saving the TV from fire. At the same time, experts have an opinion that there is no special need for grounding antennas, given that most people do not watch TV during a thunderstorm, while removing the cable plug from the antenna jack.

Grounding diagram of the television antenna and mast:

Grounding the roof of a private house

Mast protection from lightning

About, how to make a lightning rod do it yourself We talked in a separate article. Instructions for installation of the ground loop in the house It was also described in detail earlier.

Now you know how to install an antenna on the roof of a private house. We hope our step-by-step instruction, with photos and video examples, was useful and interesting for you!

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