Recommendations for parents on lighting a child’s room

Each family knows perfectly well that the child’s room is the most significant in the whole apartment. Parents with special trepidation relate to this room, because here the baby is most of his time until he grows up: he rests, physically and mentally develops, playing toys, doing homework, draws, writes, sculpts figures from plasticine, etc. Therefore, the correct distribution of furniture, interior details will help to create the most comfortable environment for a child of any age: from a newborn to a primary school student. Psychologists insist that the main role in the design of a children's bedroom is occupied by lighting: it directly and indirectly affects the psyche, thereby determining the mood and internal state of the child. Therefore, in this article we propose to find out about what should be the lighting in the children's room by providing original photo ideas and recommendations to parents.

Kinds of light sources

There are 2 types of sources. The first is daylight, which penetrates the room in the form of sunlight. To the second - artificial lighting sources: lamps, spotlights, sconces, chandeliers, floor lamps, etc. No children’s room is without windows that should help give the child joy from the sun, especially in the summer, and, of course , without artificial light sources needed in both summer and winter. Comfort for the child will be provided by lamps for children's rooms: desktop, bedside, ceiling and placed on the wall. Earlier we wrote about how to make lighting in an apartmentso don’t refuse to take advantage of our tips and tricks.

A good example of how the kids room should be lit.

What requirements should be considered?

To properly distribute the lighting in the children's room, consider the following rules:

  • For a child, the use of soft light is recommended. Avoid too bright led bulbs, chandeliers and their bright highlights on reflective surfaces. However, twilight is also not advised. Such lighting is considered suitable, using which you will avoid differences from light to shadow, and all objects in the room will be equally lit.
  • Lighting rate for a children's room is 200 Lx. Consider this moment when calculation of room illumination.
  • Pay attention to the choice of shapes and dimensions of the light sources that you want to install in the children's room with your own hands.In the photo: the original design of light sources in the
  • Large and clumsy chandeliers and light fixtures will be the first to break as a result of active children's games, for example, into a ball. So with choosing chandeliers from the catalog, prefer those that are round and flat.
  • Eliminate models that have crystal or mirror parts to avoid glare.
  • It will be ideal to install spot ceiling lighting: well, "filling" the suspended and suspended ceiling, it remains comfortable and non-irritating for children's eyes.In the previous article -Connection scheme for spotlights You can learn how to install them yourself in a teenager’s room.
  • Today, fluorescent lamps are often used, but it is better not to use them for children's lighting. Lamps of this type negatively affect people, quickly exhausting them and causing irritation. If you do not want to expose the child to such conditions, refuse to use such lamps, especially in the room for the baby.
  • Continuing the question about lamps, I would like to advise one more thing - do not use fluorescent bulbs to illuminate a children's room. They contain mercury, if a child accidentally breaks a lamp, this can jeopardize his health. Stop your choice exclusively on LED lamps, they are also shockproof. About, how to choose led bulbsWe talked in a separate article!
  • For little lovers to read a good book for the night, we advise you to buy a bedside lamp. If its functions include regulating the brightness of lighting and the direction of light, then it can become a convenient night lamp for a growing boy or girl. In this case, pay attention to how many watts the light bulb is designed so that the backlight is comfortable enough for reading.
  • The learning process should take place in the child in the most convenient conditions. The desk at which your child will study should be placed as close to the window as possible so that it is better illuminated by sunlight. Speaking about artificial sources of lighting for a children's room, it should be noted that here the leader is a table lamp. It is better that it has a mount, and could be located on the edge of the table. For right-handed children, place the light source front and left. It is possible to prevent a strong light load on the baby’s organs of vision by using a lampshade on a lamp or on a table lamp, as shown in the picture below. About, how to choose a table lamp, we told in a separate article.

An extraordinary solution when creating a table lamp for children
Pay attention to the safety of light sources. The child should not have easy access to wires or to the lamp! Materials of manufacture must be strong and reliable! If you decide to organize the light in a wooden children's house, make sure that the lamp is fireproof. Take a look at which manufacturer cares about the health of your baby.

Finally, we recommend that you look at the original ideas for lighting the nursery, as well as expert advice on choosing suitable lamps:

In this article, we made recommendations to parents about lighting a children's room, telling what it should be and providing original photo ideas. And it doesn’t matter if you live in Khrushchev or in modern apartments, the requirements for lighting a child’s bedroom apply to everyone. Read reviews on forums, compare prices and buy good quality light sources for children.

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