Secrets of the right lighting of the living room

The living room can be called the most important room in the apartment or house. It is here that the family spends most of their time and hosts guests at special occasions. Everything should be perfect in this room: from light to furniture design. In this article we will tell the main secrets of proper lighting in the living room, with photos, ideas and options for lighting.


Most often, combined lighting is used in the living room, while the main one always remains the ceiling from one or more light sources. For many years, the installation of a chandelier has remained an actual option, especially since their choice is becoming more diverse. However, it should be noted that now stretch ceilings are becoming more and more popular, which need a special approach and not every chandelier will fit.Crystal Chandelier

But do not be upset, because without a chandelier, you can also arrange ceiling lighting in the hall. This can be done using spotlights or LED strip. This design option will especially appeal to lovers of modern style in the interior. Interesting ideas on how to make a beautiful light in the hall for a stretch or ceiling made of drywall, we suggest looking at the photo:


The local lighting of the living room includes wall, floor and table lamps. Using these light sources, you can add comfort to the room, diversify the design and focus on any area. The most popular is the installation of wall lights over the sofa for easy reading. Floor lamps are most often placed in the corners of a room.

The general light is intended for receiving guests, the local one is for family evenings in front of the TV. At the same time, the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it with a variety of lamps. An abundance of additional light sources will be appropriate only in a large living room in a country house or cottage. As for the usual "Khrushchev", one wall sconce near the sofa and floor lamp is enough here. You can find the best ideas for local lighting in a small photo gallery:


Local lighting is most often turned on only when necessary, while there are decor elements that need constant lighting. Thus, you create your own special atmosphere in the living room, focus on the necessary details, and the room becomes truly unique. It’s quite difficult to organize the decorative lighting correctly, it all depends on the style of the hall and therefore quite individually. The original idea would be decorative lighting:

  • niches in the walls;
  • pictures;
  • statuettes;
  • an aquarium;
  • another.

Also interesting ideas are neon lights, bubble and wall panels, LED strips, floor lighting and baseboards. We recommend that you look at the photo with beautiful decorative lighting in the living room:

What else do you need to know?

In addition to the above tricks, there are the following nuances in the lighting of the hall:

  • If you have a living room combined with a kitchen, it is necessary to divide the lighting devices into zones. In this case, the main emphasis should be placed on the dining table, it is above it that it is best to install a beautiful chandelier.Combination with the living room
  • It is better for owners of low ceilings to abandon the chandelier at all and make spot lighting. Thus, you can visually make the ceilings higher.
  • A large selection of lighting devices will help to emphasize the unique style of the living room, whether it is modern, classic or provence. You can verify this in the photo:
  • Floor lamps placed in the corners of the room will visually increase the space.
  • Romance and comfort in any apartment will add beautiful lamps on the walls. They are perfect for English and classic styles.English style
  • In a wooden house in the country, an interesting option for lighting will be country-style lamps.
  • The fireplace will go well with chic table lamps in the shape of bronze candlesticks.With fireplace

Finally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video in which the specialists of the Housing Question program showed their example of unusual lighting in the living room:

That's all the ideas and photos of the lighting in the living room with which we wanted to share. We hope that now you can make your “dream room” thanks to our advice. Do not be afraid to experiment and see how the apartment can be transformed thanks to the right light!

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