Lighting schemes for stairs in the house

Happy owners of cottages and two-story houses may face a significant problem when connecting the lights on the stairs - how to make it so that you can control the fixtures from two floors. Agree, it is not very convenient if the switch is at the beginning or at the end of the climb along the flight of stairs. Further to readers my.electricianexp 3 most convenient staircase lighting schemes in a private house will be provided so that light control can be carried out both from the first and second floors.

Option 1 - Feedthrough Switches

We have already considered with you circuit breaker connection diagram. There is nothing complicated, but with the help of such devices you can control the light from 2x, 3x, or even 4 points. This idea is often used in private homes. If the length of the steps is small - one switch is mounted on the first floor, the second - respectively on the second. The staircase lighting scheme will look as follows:Connecting walk-through switches

If you need to control the light bulb from three places - you can install an auxiliary switch - cross. In this case, the lighting scheme of the landing in a private house will look like this:Connection of passage and cross switches

As you can see, the wiring is not complicated. Zero is conducted directly to the lamp, the phase is to break.

Option 2 - Timer

Another, more modern option is the use of a special stair switch in the form of a timer. Here things are a little more complicated - you need to set a timer on the lower floor and set a specific program on it when the light should turn on / off. Stairway lightingThe connection diagram of the timer to the staircase lighting will look something like this:Mounting the ladder timer to the network

This option is more suitable for installation of street lightingHowever, some owners are pleased with this lighting control.

Option 3 - Motion Sensor

Well, the last option that we would recommend you stay on is a staircase lighting scheme with a motion sensor. We advise you to buy a ceiling detector with a 360-degree view, which will respond when a person is detected, both on the first and second floors. It is really very convenient, because no need to install several switches, just connect the device to the network and the lamp. The only drawback is that if you need a constant light operation, you can do this only by connecting an additional conventional keyboard model, which will short-circuit the sensor if necessary.

The visual scheme of staircase lighting with a motion sensor and a switch looks like this:

Motion sensor connection to switch

An alternative option for automatic backlighting is the use of smart lights, which you can learn about from this video:

Staircase LED Lighting Overview

We also recommend that you review the finished system with automatic response:

Smart step lighting

So we have listed the 3 most effective schemes for lighting stairs in a private house.Choose the option most suitable for you, making the light control convenient and, if you wish, automatic!

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