What to do if the refrigerator is shocking

Now every apartment, house or cottage is equipped with the latest technology. The saturation of household appliances is different. One unites all owners - everyone has a refrigerator, and some have several. Like all electrical appliances, it can break. Main failure - stops working. But there is another malfunction, this is when, touching the case, the owner feels a pinch, that is, the refrigerator is shocking. This situation is typical during a breakdown of voltage across the case, while the device continues to function normally. Nibbling is felt with every touch and this is not a discharge static electricitythat accumulates on a person. In this article we will tell the readers of the site Elecroexpertwhy the refrigerator is shocking and what to do to solve the problem.

Reasons for the malfunction

If the refrigerator is shocked by touching the cabinet, it is not recommended to operate such a device. There is a high probability of electric shock to family members. This is especially dangerous if the house has small children or it is installed on a conductive floor, for example, concrete or metal.

It should be noted that not only the old refrigerator can be shocked. Defective parts can be installed during production, and therefore the new refrigerator is also shocked.

The causes of the malfunction may be:

  1. Power cable malfunction. Due to prolonged use, aging of the insulation occurs. Cracks appear, and sometimes open areas of conductors. The refrigerator cannot be operated with such defects.
  2. Faulty motor compressor.
  3. The temperature controller is out of order or icing has occurred. Often the gasket becomes unusable. Going through her current leak.
  4. It is recommended to check whether the evaporator coil is touching the heating radiators, water pipes, etc. If they touch, then the device should be moved away.

In the presence of certain knowledge and a set of appropriate devices, the owner can independently determine why the refrigerator is shocking, but he must know how to diagnose a malfunction.

If there is no such knowledge, the owner should not guess what to do. He urgently needs to contact a qualified specialist.

Fridge Diagnostics

To determine the cause of the breakdown on the case, you will need a multimeter (well, if it has a megaohmmeter function), a screwdriver probe (phase or zero determinant), and pliers.

Voltage on the refrigerator

The probe verifies the presence of voltage on the housing. If the probe shows the voltage, the refrigerator is disconnected from the mains and faulty.

An example of insulation damage on a wire

Diagnostics of the device is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Before starting work, check the status of the power cable. There should be no visible defects, cracks or exposed conductors on the wires.If damaged, such as in the figure, it should be replaced.
  2. In the absence of visible damage, in the place of contact of the wire with metal parts, lay a rubber gasket. Thus, the breakdown of voltage to the housing is eliminated.
  3. If this does not help, turn the plug 180 degrees.about. what comes out of this is clearly shown in the video. However, one should not calm down if the malfunction is gone, the defect may appear in the near future.

The specialist should know how to check the health of the refrigerator with a multimeter. The main causes of the malfunction may be:

  • Breakdown of the motor winding. This can be an interturn circuit or a breakdown of insulation on the case. Verification is carried out using a multimeter, measuring the resistance of the windings with the housing. The inter-turn short circuit with this device cannot be checked. You can only determine the cliff. Before measurement, the contacts should be cleaned from corrosion. The resistance between the housing and the contact of the winding should be at least 0.5-1 MΩ. It depends on the type of engine. If the resistance is of less importance, then we can conclude that the insulation is faulty.
  • Thermostat malfunctions. These include malfunctioning gaskets and fouling of the device with ice. To check, turn off and defrost the refrigerator. After defrosting, allow the device to dry for at least 12 hours and check the component. If the thermostat is faulty, it is changed to a similar one. The use of another type is unacceptable.
  • If one of the high-pass filter capacitors fails, 110 volts will be present on the housing.
  • The causes of the malfunction can be in other electronics nodes.

Controls and compressor start-upAdditional knowledge is required to determine damage to other nodes. Therefore, it is better to entrust the search for a faulty node to a qualified specialist.

The figure below shows the motor-compressor and its contacts.

Compressor and its contacts

Wiring check

If the refrigerator is shocking, check the house wiring. Now the wiring in the houses is performed by a three-core cable, i.e. phase, zero and ground are connected to the outlets.

Multimeter measure the voltage between the ground contact and the phase. The absence of readings indicates that the ground does not come to the outlet.

In this case, the socket is dismantled, and the quality of the connection of the supply wires is checked. As shown in the picture below.

Outlet Check

If everything is OK, it is recommended to call an electrician who will restore the ground. With good wiring, check the reliability of the connection of the plug with the contacts of the outlet and the integrity of the network wire.

Things are worse if the wiring is made without grounding. In this case you have to do ground loop, lay an additional conductor and install an appropriate outlet. Unfortunately, in old apartments, it is often not possible to make a three-wire wiring with grounding.


Having determined the causes of the malfunction, it is necessary to immediately repair or replace the failed unit. But for this you need to have knowledge on how to fix the damage.

A faulty power cable can be repaired by insulating exposed areas with electrical tape or by replacing it.

It is impossible to repair the engine-compressor at home. It is changed to working. They also come with a temperature controller and other faulty nodes.

Only original parts are recommended. For example, if you install parts from another manufacturer on a Samsung refrigerator, they may not be suitable for the parameters. As a result, you can get even bigger problems.

The variety of reasons why the refrigerator is shocking requires a systematic approach to troubleshooting. Therefore, if there is no necessary knowledge in the repair of similar equipment, it is better to contact a professional for help.When self-repairing, follow all electrical safety measures. Take care of your life and those around you.

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