Overview of the best programs for calculating cable cross-section

Hello dear readers of the site. Elecroexpert! Today we would like to talk about the best programs for calculating the cable cross-section by power, length and current. The use of specialized software packages simplifies the calculation work and, moreover, allows you to more accurately and quickly select the appropriate conductor. So that you do not stumble upon a service of dubious quality, then we will provide a brief description of the most popular programs for Android and Windows 7.

For computer

If you are looking for a program on a PC that will help with the selection of the wire cross-section, we recommend that you choose either the Atlas product - “cable v2.1” or an equally convenient service called “Electric”.

Atlas Product

Personally, we use the cable v2.1 program in our work for calculations, which can be downloaded for free, without registration and other inconveniences. The service interface is quite simple and convenient, just enter your initial data into the table and click on the “Calculate” button. Although this software package does not have a large number of options, it performs the cable correctly in terms of power, length or current load, which is the main requirement.

A more multifunctional program for calculating is Electric. It can also be downloaded free of charge on any of the sites you like. The undoubted advantage of this project is a wide range of opportunities. “Electrician” allows not only to make the right choice of conductor cross-section in an apartment or for an electric motor, but also to determine the heating of the cable line, as well as the voltage loss in the circuit. In addition, using this project, you can choose the cross section of the power cable even with sector cores, the formulas for which are more complex. In terms of amenities, the interface is as simple as the service from Atlanta. You can see how to use the program on the video instructions below.

How to use the Electric service

If you do not want to download any software packages to your computer, then you can use the online calculator - the Wiresel program, which will also select the right cable correctly and in a short period of time!

Online Assistant Review

For mobile phone and tablet

If you are looking for an android application for calculation of the cross section of a cable or wire, then we recommend choosing the following programs:

  1. CuCalc (interface in the photo below)
  2. Mobile electrician
  3. Safetycalc
  4. SCT Electro
  5. "Electrical calculations"

CuCalc photo

All these applications can be downloaded free of charge on Google Play, so that in the future it would be possible to quickly and even on the road calculate the conductor cross section according to the load, depending on the line length, or the type of power supply network (single-phase / three-phase).

Video review of the Mobile Electric application:

Payments on the phone

So we have provided a rating of the best programs for calculating the cable cross-section by power, length and current.Do not forget that you can also use ready-made formulas and double-check the result yourself!

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