Rules for placing fixtures on the ceiling

Before proceeding installation of spotlights and chandeliers, it is necessary, of course, to choose a layout for their location. In this case, there are many nuances, and if you do not want to take them into account, improper placement will negatively affect the interior of the rooms, the quality of lighting and even energy consumption. It should also be noted that for each of the rooms there are requirements for the location of the chandelier and spots. Next, we will tell you how to arrange the fixtures on the ceiling, providing a few tips, diagrams and photo examples.

Basic placement rules

So, the first thing you should know about is the requirements for the location of lighting fixtures. In order for the light to be of high quality and as efficient as possible, it is recommended to place products according to the following rules:

  1. The minimum distance from the edge of the wall to the spotlights on the ceiling should be 20 cm.
  2. Hanging chandelier need to be strictly centered on the ceiling. If this is a studio - it is better to place it in the middle of a certain area (living room or kitchen), starting from the interior of the room.
  3. In the case of suspended ceilings, the distance from the recessed fixtures to the seam of the PVC film should be at least 15 cm.
  4. One spot can illuminate no more than 2 m2 premises. Better at calculating the number of spotlights proceed from the fact that one product will provide sufficient lighting of 1.5 m2.
  5. If you decide to arrange a symmetrical placement of ceiling lighting fixtures, make sure that the products are installed as far as possible at the same distance in relation to each other and the walls.

As for the standards for the location of lamps relative to windows, especially no one stipulates this moment. In relation to window openings, you can place products as you like. The main thing is that the lighting zone be as efficient as possible, i.e. light fell on any objects.

Given these recommendations, it will be easier for you to place LED spots on a suspended, suspended or even rack ceiling. Now consider what are the patterns of product placement.

Best placement schemes

Today, when designing lighting on the ceiling, the following options for the location of spots and chandeliers are used:

Product Layout Plan

Additionally, spotlight layouts are shown on video:

Beautiful ideas for the location of the fixtures

Each way of arranging spotlights is unique in its own way and will not fit absolutely every room. That is why we will provide photo examples of the placement of lighting devices for all rooms in the apartment / house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room and even the corridor. During the reviews of each specific location option, we will also indicate with the corresponding figure, according to which scheme it is better to place the lamps.

Photo Lighting Examples

The corridor

Since the corridors are often in apartments (especially in Khrushchev), the layout is not very convenient - long and narrow, L-shaped or small square, the placement of lamps on the ceiling in this room is purely individual. In rectangular and long hallways, it is recommended to place the spots along the plasterboard ceiling in the center or symmetrically opposite each other. You can see examples of the location of products in the photo and pictures below:


In the kitchen, it is recommended to place the chandelier above the dining table, and in the working area to make the lighting spotlights. The most relevant schemes in this case are 2, 5, 8 and 9. Pay attention to the placement of lighting fixtures in a zigzag pattern. We recommend using this arrangement to ensure that spots illuminate only the most necessary kitchen areas, bypassing cabinets, hoods, etc.


In the hall you can place spotlights as you like - in a chandelier circle, in the corners of a square, an oval in the center of the ceiling and even a rhombus. You can do without a chandelier by choosing the location of the ceiling spots around, which will make a dimmed lighting in the living room. We recommend that you pay special attention to scheme No. 5 - it will be comfortable for watching movies, as allows you to distinguish between a room in a dark and illuminated area.

If you don’t know how to place spotlights with a chandelier on the ceiling and you don’t have any special requirements for placement, we advise you to opt for scheme 6, which is a classic of the genre for the hall. Also, for reading books you can place a sconce on the wall above the sofa.


In the bedroom, bright lighting is not necessary at all, therefore, here you can think about whether a chandelier is needed at all. In modern bedroom interiors, built-in and overhead spotlights are more and more found, which are placed in a circle or an oval. It is also recommended to arrange the spots in a zigzag or staggered order to give the ceiling lighting a certain zest. For reading, you can place a sconce over the bed, which will be enough.


Since the nursery is most often divided into 2 zones: for study and sleep, it is recommended to place lighting devices according to scheme 9. Spotlights can be installed above the desk to make this area brighter, and use a chandelier for general illumination. Rest recommendations for lighting a children's room we provided in the corresponding article.


Well, the last of the rooms is the bathroom. Here, again, everything depends on the layout. If the bathroom is large, we advise you to place the waterproof spots symmetrically around the perimeter of the ceiling. To illuminate the face in the bathroom, you do not need to use ceiling lights. It is much better and more effective to hang a sconce over a dressing table. The most beautiful options for placing point products in the bathroom we have provided in the photo gallery:

You can also watch additional ideas on the video:

Lighting options

That's all we wanted to tell about the correct placement of spots in the bedroom, kitchen, hall, bathroom and corridor. We hope that now you know how to place the lights on the ceiling of plasterboard and PVC film, so that it is beautiful and most importantly - right!

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