Should I buy a robot vacuum cleaner and who needs it at all?

Cleaning an apartment or house for most people is not an easy task, requiring time and effort. But technological progress does not stand still and one of its positive qualities is the ability to shift unpleasant housework to a robotic assistant. A modern robot vacuum cleaner is the know-how that can revolutionize the field of household appliances. He has artificial intelligence and his main purpose is to replace a person in the tedious everyday process of cleaning the house. What are the advantages of automated cleaning robots over other electronic gadgets and do I need a robot vacuum cleaner at home? We will try to figure this out further.

The benefits of using robotic vacuum cleaners

Firstly, a robot vacuum cleaner can itself clean a room without the direct presence and assistance of the owner, which saves a person’s personal time. For this, the robot is endowed with a programming function for the cleaning schedule, thanks to which it is able to automatically clean the room at a predetermined time. At the same time, he independently chooses the trajectory of movement and performs high-quality cleaning of the entire room, without missing dirty areas.

Robotic floor cleaning

Secondly, the need to maintain cleanliness in the room is difficult for owners of large houses or apartments. In these cases, robotic technology will be indispensable in everyday life.

Thirdly, thanks to its compact size and maneuverability, the robot vacuum cleaner is able to produce high-quality cleaning of rooms in hard-to-reach places, to clean the space from debris and dust under low furniture.

Underfloor cleaning

Fourth, if functionality allows, the robot performs a wet cleaning, purifying and humidifying the air in the room.

Wet floor mopping

Fifth, it helps to remove pet hair from floors and carpets daily.

Sixth, it makes life easier for people with disabilities. So most models are controlled using the remote control or even from a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Smartphone Control

Well and the last - the robot vacuum cleaner not only makes a quality cleaning of the room, but also cleans the air of dust particles and the allergens contained in it, therefore it is suitable for people suffering from allergies. Some robot models have an ultraviolet lamp that disinfects the air, destroying the bacteria it contains.

Cons in the work of robotic vacuum cleaners

Along with the indisputable advantages, there are also disadvantages in the operation of the device. The first thing I would like to note is that a robot vacuum cleaner, having in most cases a rounded shape of the body, does a poor job of cleaning corners in the room, which creates the need for the owner to do this manually. Some manufacturing companies solve this problem by modernizing the case.D-shaped and square-shaped models, of which there are now enough in the robotics market, can easily cope with the problem of cleaning corners.

Cleaning corners in a room

The inability of the robot to cope with cleaning surfaces from sticky traces of drinks and food is also a defect in its work. Some buyers of “smart” vacuum cleaners complain about this.

The presence of animals in the house can also play a negative role, as the pet can leave traces of its life in different, sometimes completely unexpected places. An unpleasant moment in the work of the robot in this case will be that it will smear everything on the surface. Many manufacturers of modern robots equip them with cleaning zone limiters - a virtual wall that will help partially solve this problem.

The lack of robotic vacuum cleanersVirtual wall

Often during operation, the robot makes a loud noise at which it is impossible to rest. But this drawback is easily overcome if you use the device correctly. Modern models have a cleaning programming function, which allows the owner to set a special operating mode in the settings in which the robot will clean when there is no one in the house. In addition, most modern robotic vacuum cleaners have a reduced noise level.

To summarize, it should be noted that, despite all the advantages and disadvantages of the robot vacuum cleaner, the choice of whether to purchase this robotic assistant in everyday life or to clean it yourself is left to everyone. The opinions of many experts agree that a robot vacuum cleaner has more advantages and can significantly help in homework. If you are interested in this innovative device, we recommend that you study the recommendations on how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner.

Reasons to Buy a Robot

7 reasons why you need to buy a robot vacuum cleaner:

  1. You live in a small apartment or studio. The robot vacuum cleaner can easily help maintain cleanliness in one-story rooms.
  2. Your apartment is predominantly solid flooring. Best of all, the device copes with hard surfaces and carpets with a pile length of not more than 2 cm. If the house has carpets with high pile, then they can serve as an obstacle to the free movement of the robot during cleaning, and make it impossible without additional human involvement.
  3. Do you have any pets? Fine pet hair is a lot of trouble. Her cleaning with a robot will save a lot of time, effort and nerves.
  4. You love cleanliness and order. The robot is a great assistant in the fight against dirt. A robot with the function of wet mopping can easily cope with both daily dry and wet cleaning, as well as general cleaning on weekends.
  5. A robot vacuum cleaner can be an original and useful gift for any holiday for loved ones.
  6. The robot is a great find for people with disabilities or people too busy with business.
  7. You like robots. It looks very stylish, has a high-tech design and fully automates the cleaning process, turning it into easy entertainment.

So, why do we need a robot vacuum cleaner, is it needed at all and who needs it? If you live in a one-story apartment, love cleanliness and order, value your time, not wanting to waste it, if there are animals in the house whose places of residence require extra care, then you need a “smart” electronic assistant in everyday life who can do home cleaning for you. Such an indispensable assistant can be a robot vacuum cleaner that performs home cleaning as efficiently as a person, helps to save energy, which will significantly improve living conditions, freeing up a significant part of the time spent on maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

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    Definitely worth buying.And I need it, I believe everyone. So much time appears free, but at home clean! Only I would not recommend overpaying for super-cool brands. There you pay for one advertisement. I chose the functions no worse - Altarobot D450, and the price is 2 times cheaper than that of cool analogues

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