The fan heater does not heat up - how to fix it?

The fan heater can be used as additional electric heating for the house and cottage. If your system fails or has not yet turned on central heating in the apartment, such heaters may come to the rescue. But what if, after the summer, the fan heater does not turn on or blows, but does not warm? In this case, you can try to repair it yourself, which is actually not very difficult. Next, we will provide the most common causes of damage and DIY repair methods.

Does not respond when turned on

If the fan heater does not turn on when connected to the network and pressing the button, there may be several reasons for the malfunction. The first thing to do is to check the electrical cord, perhaps during summer storage it was killed somewhere. Did not help? We take a screwdriver and a multimeter, after which we proceed to the independent repair of the fan heater. The most likely cause of the malfunction is the fuse box, one of which tripped during overheating.Scarlett household model

On the example of a Scarlett domestic heater SC158consider in the form of step-by-step instructions how to fix a fan heater with your own hands:

  1. First, unscrew the screws on the back cover, there are usually 6 pieces, as shown in the photo.Screw mounting
  2. Next, we call the main elements of the circuit with a multimeter: thermal fuses, thermostat, thermal switch. The first fuse can be seen immediately without removing the blades. To detect the second, which is located on the engine, you will have to remove the fan. Independently ring the chain with a multimeter and if the cause of this breakdown is really the reason, buy in the store the exact same element and replace it (cost no more than 30).
  3. If the thermal fuses are working, check the Polaris heater control unit. It can be found according to the scheme that is provided in the instructions for the device.

We draw your attention to the fact that replacing fuses with thin wires (bugs) is strictly prohibited. With this method of repairing the fan heater with your own hands, you will make a fire-hazardous heater that will not work when overheating!

Video repair instructions:

How to find a malfunction with a multimeter and repair it

Turns on, but does not heat up

The second popular fan heater breakdown is blowing, but does not heat the air. In this case, the cause of the malfunction is most likely the heating element - a spiral or a ceramic heater. Everything is simple here - you check the resistance in the circuit with a multimeter and if an open occurs somewhere, you need to replace the heating element with a new one. Sometimes it happens that the heater stopped heating, as one of the sections of the spiral is damaged. In this case, you can try to repair the fan heater with your own hands by connecting a nichrome spiral.Spiral heating element

It is also not a rare case when the cause of the breakdown is the same fuse.If the fan heater does not heat, check the fuses using the technology provided above.Multimeter

In addition, the bimetallic temperature regulator often fails (shown in the photo with a red arrow). To repair, you just need to clean its contacts to a metallic color and warm it yourself with a soldering iron. The temperature regulator should behave as follows: when heated, the contacts must open the circuit, when cooling, close again. If the device does not work correctly, try manually closing the temperature controller and connecting the heater to the network. If it is working, the spiral must be heated.Bimetal temperature regulator

The blades don't spin

If the fan heater is running, but the fan is not spinning, the most likely cause of the malfunction is that the motor has stopped working. What to do in this case? Call the part with a multimeter and check its insides. Perhaps the bearings just worn out should be replaced. About, how to use a multimeter, we told in the corresponding article!Motor photoAnother failure option is heavy dust pollution, as a result of which the fan does not turn or often turns off. Try to repair the motor with your own hands, wiping it with a rag and dripping a little engine oil between the movable and fixed parts. Did not help? We change the electric motor, which is broken, to a new one with the same characteristics.Replacing an electric motor

Works poorly

Well, the last malfunction - the fan heater heats the air badly. In this case, the cause of the breakdown is the contamination of spare parts. Most likely the heater is covered in dust, as a result of which the heating is weak, for example, at the second speed, as at the first. For such a simple repair, turn off the power and use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to go through all the elements of the circuit, the main thing is not to damage anything. Did, but didn’t help? Check the electric plug, perhaps it is to blame. Turn on the heater for several minutes, then remove the plug from the outlet and touch the electrodes. If one of them is noticeably warmer than the second, the electric plug is broken, as a result of which the household heater weakly generates heat.

Video instruction: how to fix Saturn do-it-yourself technique

That's all the DIY fan repair tips! If you choose a heater yourself, we recommend giving preference to models with a ceramic heating element, rather than a spiral. More tips for the choice of fan heaters for the home You can read in the corresponding article!

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  • Alexey

    and it also turns on and immediately stops the fan, it is necessary to strip the contacts of the thermal relay.

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    what to do? the contact that near the thermal fuse opens in 20-30 seconds after heating !!!

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    Near the blue wire there is a clean contact; there is no wire;

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    The spiral is heated to red. How to fix it?

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    Tell me ... The thermal motor twists and heats blowing ... but from the reverse side it also blows but for some reason cold air. After all, there is an air intake behind.

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    Thank you very much for the sensible video, repaired in about 15 minutes, but I had to tinker with the service screws, but this is a completely different story. 🙂

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  • Vladimir

    Good afternoon. I have a nsb-200a8 fan heater. And some ridiculous cause of failure. You turn the lever, the fan turns on, everything works. Then you turn to heat, a short circuit occurs.There was already one explosion, traffic jams were knocked out. Now I'm testing with a light bulb. Those. the fan works, on for heating - the lamp lights up. Fuses rang, ringing. Head swollen, what to do next.? Thank.

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