We return the draft to the vacuum cleaner - 4 reasons for poor suction

If during cleaning you notice that the vacuum cleaner does not properly absorb air or does not pull garbage at all, you should immediately try to find out the cause of the malfunction. Sometimes it is commonplace - the filter is dirty, and sometimes the lack of traction is caused by a more serious breakdown. Next, we will tell the readers of the site Elecroexpert, why suction may disappear and what to do to repair the equipment with your own hands!

Check the bag

The first thing you should do is check how full the bag is. If debris has filled more than 2/3 of the capacity, the draft may become weaker or disappear altogether when you vacuum. The paper bag must be replaced with a new one, as it is disposable. If the container is fabric, it can be carefully pulled out and installed back into the guides, but it is better to rinse in clean water and dry.Disposable paper bag

As a rule, in modern models of technology, the degree of clogging of the garbage bag is displayed on the body. The light indication in the form of a bulb will light green if the container is still empty and red if it is time to replace it.

If you have cleaned and the vacuum cleaner still does not suck well, look at the power regulator, it may have been accidentally set to a minimum, as a result of which the device does not draw air.Suction power regulator

We clean filters

Moving further in troubleshooting, it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the fine filter (installed in front of the motor) and the HEPA exhaust filter, which is mounted on the back of the case to the plastic grill. As for the first filter, it must either be completely replaced or washed with water and dried, which depends on the versatility of the material. As a rule, the HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 50 hours of operation of the equipment so that the draft of the vacuum cleaner does not disappear at the most inopportune moment. Checked, replaced, and the vacuum cleaner, as before, poorly collects and sucks garbage? We look through the following elements of the suction system.Photo filter cleaningExhaust filter

We recommend that you immediately watch the video, which shows the trick to increase device performance:

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Inspect accessories

By the method of exclusion, we move on and move on to the next possible reason that the vacuum cleaner began to retract poorly - the hose or brushes were damaged. As for the hose, it may not be fully inserted into the housing or damaged as shown in the photo. Bottom line - the vacuum cleaner does not pull or the draft is very weak.Hose inletHose damage

Brushes are checked for contamination. Usually trash such as hair and thin ropes remains on them. You need to remove all contaminants and check whether traction has appeared. You also need to make sure that the brush roller rotates freely and is not worn. Perhaps the bearing simply stuck, as a result of which the brushes interfere with air intake. In general, it should be noted that an uncomfortable nozzle is very often the “culprit” of the weak draft in the vacuum cleaner. Usually, buyers of cheap Chinese equipment are faced with such a moment.Brush

Also try to clean the hose with a wire, perhaps somewhere inside the rubbish interferes with the passage of dust into the bag, which can also be accompanied by the fact that the equipment buzzes or even makes a lot of noise, but does not suck air. You can verify that the cause of poor traction is the hose by disconnecting it and checking the quality of suction by hand at the outlet of the housing. If, in this case, the vacuum cleaner does not suck in, only one possible malfunction remains - the motor.

We repair the engine

Well, the last thing that could be - engine failure. This malfunction can be determined by touching the case with your hand - it heats up very much, which means that something is wrong. In addition to the fact that the motor is very hot and overheating, it can still turn off abruptly. You do not know what is the reason if the vacuum cleaner does not suck in and turn off? Read on why traction was lost and what needs to be done for repairs!Disassembled equipment

First, you need to remove the decorative protection of the case and use a multimeter to ring all sections of the chain. Typically, the equipment does not work due to a blown fuse. If this is true, replace it with a new one with exactly the same parameters. In the event that there is a break in the winding on one of the coils, it is better to go and choose a new vacuum cleanerbecause buying a motor will be an expensive pleasure. In addition, the contact on one of the wire connections may simply break. Here the repair will not be difficult, especially if you are "friends" with a soldering iron.

If the problem is that the vacuum cleaner does not pull and turns off due to motor brushes that you decide to replace, be careful when connecting them. Incorrect connection of the brushes may cause the vacuum cleaner not to suck in but to blow out dust after repair.

That's all the main causes of malfunctions. In conclusion, I would like to note that if your vacuum cleaner with a water filter does not suck well, you need to act by analogy with ordinary equipment. The only difference is that instead of the dust bag, you need to rinse the aquafilter properly! We hope that now you know what to do in case of any deterioration in traction or its complete absence!

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    Thank you for the repair instructions for the vacuum cleaner. helped.

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    I also have a SAMSUNG vacuum cleaner, but the SC 4520 model is 1.6 kW. He began to "choke" out of the blue clean and even with the shutdown off! I watched your video. But I didn’t have the cardboard, which you just threw away as an extra detail, but a small rubber net. I did not throw it away, but simply carefully knocked it out over the bath without even washing it. Put everything in place, and the vacuum cleaner roared, as before. My daughter won it as a prize in the presidential election on March 18 this year. Thank you for your help! Good luck and happiness!

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    Good afternoon, everything that is indicated on the video really works, put in the grid and earned like new !! thanks for the advice

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    I tried it - it worked, only in my case the electrolux vacuum cleaner, there the grid in this filter was two-layer, I did not completely remove it, but I carefully opened it on one side, in the middle there was a thin layer of something like a synthetic winterizer, so I deleted it. This turned out to be quite enough, put the foam on top, as in the video - everything worked perfectly. Prior to this, the vacuum cleaner stood almost unclaimed for about 5 years, although it was bought with a new, expensive one. Thanks for the advice.

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    Vacuum cleaner Bork 1800, when you turn on the air is not drawn in, but rather blown out. What is the reason what to do? Thank.

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