How to organize the attic lighting?

Proper lighting of the attic is the key to the comfort and beauty of this room. That is why the installation of artificial light is a difficult and responsible task. Mistakes are unacceptable here, since then they will be very difficult to fix. Before you buy fixtures, you need to consider all the details to the smallest detail! How to choose the best option, you can learn from our article.

The need to install fixtures

Most often on the attic there are large characteristic windows through which natural light penetrates into the room during the day. What to do in the evening when the day ends? We recommend artificial lighting! Keep in mind that the room will not only become brighter, but also due to the huge selection fixtures You can emphasize the special unique style of the attic.Light bulbs in beams

Currently, there are a wide variety of models of floor lamps, table lamps, sconces and, of course, chandeliers. Extraordinary products are more like design elements of the interior than lighting electrical appliances. With the right choice of attic lighting, you can make the room more comfortable, as well as apply some tricks to fix its imperfections. For example, if you have low ceilings, you can not buy a chic chandelier, but opt ​​for fashionable wall lights. By arranging beautiful floor lamps in the corners, you will make the attic visually larger, while it is important to make sure that there are no joints and irregularities in the room. Such tips will help to make the attic room visually much wider, and all thanks to artificial lighting.

Sources of light

First you need to remember that there is general and local artificial lighting. In the general case, light is evenly distributed from a single source throughout the room, most often in this case using a chandelier or other ceiling lights. As for the local type, the emphasis is placed on a specific section of the attic. A variety of sconces, spots, floor lamps, table lamps or even floor lamps - all this applies to this type of lighting. You can, to your liking, focus on any details and interior items (for example, paintings, cabinets or bookshelves). Here you can already show your imagination with might and main, the main thing is not to overdo it!Fancy lights

Often in private homes, the attic ceiling is slanted from the roof and equipped with wooden beams. If this is your version of the attic - give up general lighting at all, this will visually reduce the space. The same goes for low ceilings (unless you can install led strip, a sense of celebration and comfort are guaranteed). If you are a happy owner of a spacious attic floor with high ceilings, here you can either give preference to one light source, or make a combined version.

For inspiration, we recommend that you look at our photo gallery of beautiful attic lighting:

What else do you need to know

We have prepared for you some additional tips to help make the attic your favorite place in the house:

  • The attic floor should be bright, keep this in mind not only when installing lighting, but also when choosing finishes and furniture.
  • To visually increase the space, highlight the large floor mirror and place it opposite the window.
  • If you want to make electric lighting in the attic, similar to natural, use halogen lamps. Cooler light will give a fluorescent lamp.
  • To blur the limits of the room, install a bar with built-in lights that should be directed to the wall.
  • Do not forget about the quality of purchased devices, this is an important indicator of durability and your peace of mind.

Stylish room

We also recommend that you watch on video the modern way that allows you to make the attic lighting cozy:

Project Overview

So, we told you how to make beautiful lighting in the attic, providing photos of ideas for inspiration. The attic has long ceased to be a place to store unnecessary things and can become a full-fledged place to relax. Many modern families even make a children's room or bedroom on the attic. It doesn’t matter if you equip a room in a country house or a huge country house, the main thing is to correctly place accents and take care of comfort.

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Project Overview


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