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The bedroom is the room in which we spend almost most of our free time when we are at home. In this place it is pleasant not only to take a break from a hard day's work and sleep well, but also to read an interesting book, watch a movie or sit on the Internet. It is very important that the light meets all our requirements: it is soft, pleasant and at the same time bright enough. For your convenience, we provide an overview of the best ideas with photo examples of lighting in the bedroom.


Let's start with the base one, i.e. ceiling lighting. The standard option, which will not soon lose its relevance, will be chandelier installation or spotlights. What kind of lighting is simply necessary for the bedroom and which chandelier to choose? There is no definite answer here, it all depends on your taste. At the same time, it should be noted that supporters of the classical style are more likely to choose a chandelier, and the fans of minimalism and everything modern like the spotlights.

One of the trends of 2017 for a bedroom in an apartment, house or cottage is considered to be spot lighting under the "starry sky". In this case, you can do without a chandelier at all. However, many modern design ideas still combine 2 variants of ceiling light. A chandelier is hung in the middle of the room, and spotlights are distributed around the perimeter. If you are the owner of suspended ceilings, you can also beautifully decorate a room with an LED strip.

We offer you to get acquainted with the photo ideas for ceiling lighting in the bedroom:


Wall lights are a stylish idea that will give a special charm to your interior. They are mounted above the bed and are great for evening reading books and creating a cozy atmosphere. You should buy a set of sconces or wall lamps from 2 identical copies. In stores you can find products for every taste, various shapes and sizes.

For inspiration, we advise you to look at interesting photos of the interior of the bedroom with wall lighting:


You can also put beautiful bedside lamps on the dressing table. They, as in the case of sconces and floor lamps, are suitable for reading books and are part of a combination of lighting.

Such lamps will be most relevant if you want to make a bedroom in a classic style. Crystal, with an old lampshade, in the form of a candelabrum - the choice is simply huge! There are suitable options for any other interior design.

How to organize bedside lighting, you can learn from these photo examples:

Backlight Options

So, we figured out the main types of lighting in the bedroom, another interesting trend in 2017 is the installation of various lighting. LED lamps can be used to highlight any element of the interior - paintings, mirrors, cabinet or panels. At the same time, the lamps themselves are mounted in a suspended ceiling, a ceiling made of drywall or in the floor.

Sometimes they even create a special niche at the head of the bed, in which LED lamps are installed. This gives the room a special cosiness due to pleasant and unobtrusive lighting. All these little things can make your bedroom unique, with its own special mood and style.

You can see beautiful ideas of decorative lighting in the following photos:

How to make the lighting in the bedroom you can also look at the videos provided:

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In conclusion of the article, we present to your attention beautiful photos of the idea of ​​proper lighting of the bedroom, based on its special style:

You have read a review of the best ideas with photo examples of lighting in the bedroom. Remember that this room is your corner of tranquility and comfort, therefore it is so important that the light in it is relaxing, soft and combined. Fortunately, now there is a huge selection of various lamps for every taste! It remains only to decide in what style you want to make your bedroom and get down to business!

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