How to make lighting in the apartment?

During the repair of the apartment, one of the stages is the organization of the lighting system. As a rule, it is carried out simultaneously with the replacement or initial installation of wiring, because All cable lines will run in one strobe. In this article we tried to explain in as much detail as possible how to make lighting in the apartment with our own hands, as well as what nuances should be taken into account!

Concealed ceiling lights in the living room

Installation of lighting in the apartment includes several main stages, namely:

Now we will consider in more detail the features of each of the stages.

Light bulb selection

To date, there are the following light sources that are commonly used for lighting in an apartment:

  • Incandescent lamps. The most ancient version, which is practically not used in our time. The advantage of incandescent lamps at low cost. The disadvantages of these products are many: increased power consumption, low productivity (or rather efficiency), a small resource of work, etc.Incandescent lamp
  • Fluorescent lamps. A more suitable option for installing lighting in the apartment with your own hands, because products have a low cost, higher efficiency and a long service life. Among the disadvantages of fluorescent bulbs, the low power of the products, environmental damage to the environment (because most people throw them in the trash instead of special recycling), as well as the difficulty of connecting to a dimmer.Fluorescent Lamp
  • Halogen lamps. Like the previous version, they are energy-saving and have a long service life. Among the disadvantages are a higher price compared to incandescent lamps, as well as their ability to heat up quickly.Halogen lamp
  • LED lamp. Products have the highest energy-saving properties, as well as the highest service life. In addition, LED lights are very easy to install in the ceiling. The only significant minus is the high cost of light sources.LED lamp

We draw your attention to the fact that this drawback is a controversial issue, because LEDs effectively save energy, as a result of which they quickly pay for themselves! About, how to choose led bulbsWe talked in a separate article!

After you decide on the suitable bulbs for installing lighting in the apartment, you need to carefully consider the type of lamps and their installation location, which we will talk about later.

Choice of fixtures

At this stage, it is necessary to choose the most suitable fixtures for reasons of efficiency, as well as attractiveness.We will not list all existing types of lighting devices in this article, but only provide you with advice related to the selection of suitable products for lighting an apartment.

For example, in the apartment we have the following rooms: a corridor, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a bedroom.

For the corridor best used installation of sconces and ceiling lights. They have a small radius of light distribution, so they will be used as efficiently as possible. In addition, today there are many unusual fixtureswhich can make the interior of the room very original.

Ceiling lights in the hallway

The corridor

For the living room it is best to use chandeliers and floor lamps. The first option will make the whole room bright and decorate it. Using floor lamps, you can emphasize some important details of the interior of the apartment, and by doing so unobtrusively.

Interesting lamps in the living room

Living room

In the bathroom Ceiling lights are also recommended. We draw your attention to the fact that fixtures for the bathroom must be waterproof!

Spotlights in the bathroom


For lighting the kitchen in an apartment the most suitable option would be installation of spotlights or ceiling shades. The latter option is budgetary and does not always fit well into the interior of the room. Spotlights are often installed in kitchen furniture, and in most cabinets, the holes for them are already cut out by the manufacturer.

LED kitchen


Well, the last room - bedroom. It's already a matter of your taste, install chandelier either spotlights, or in general hidden LED backlight. Nevertheless, it should be noted that most often in the bedroom they install a small chandelier and nightlights near the bed, as shown in the photo.

Sconce in the bedroom


What the lighting system looks like in a modern apartment, you can see in the video below:

Overview of the finished object

Correct Installation Example

Settlement part

When you have already completely decided which lamps to install in each room, it will be necessary to correctly calculate the lighting in the apartment, as well as determine the optimal cable cross-section for wiring. So, everything in order.

First, consider the calculation of the number of lamps needed for one room.

We draw your attention to the fact that further in the calculations the specific power of the fixtures - Ore will be used. This is a tabular value and for residential premises it is no more than 16 watts.

The initial data are the area of ​​the room (Sroom) and the demand coefficient (its value is “1”). First, the calculated power is determined by the formula:

Formula for determining the power of lamps

After that, the required number of lamps for lighting the apartment is calculated. For this, the formula is used:

Formula for counting the number of bulbs in a room

Where: Pn– power of one lamp.

Based on the final result, a scheme is compiled with the calculated number of lamps. We draw your attention to a very important nuance - incorrect calculation of light in an apartment can affect a person’s vision (especially if the lighting is dim). It is also important to correctly lay out the layout of the lighting fixtures. To find out how to place the fixtures on the ceiling, just follow the link:

Lighting Arrangement Plan

Cable cross section calculation more complex, we examined it in the corresponding article. I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that for a lighting group it will be enough to use a cable having conductors with a cross-section of 1.5 mm.kv., which can withstand a load of up to 2 kW. If the question of money is very pronounced, then you can save by buying a cable with a cross-section of 0.75 mm.sq., it will also be enough with your head to conduct light in the apartment.

Schema creation

After all the calculations, it is necessary to make a lighting scheme in the apartment. We examined the detailed project in the article: wiring diagram in a studio apartment, and the lighting scheme is also indicated there.

In addition, I would like to provide you with a few more useful schemes:

Connection diagram of sockets and switch

Connection of the socket, switch and bulb in the junction box

Wiring diagram

When the project is completely ready, you can proceed to electrical wiring. We will not dwell on it, because This is a separate topic. Better consider the basic tips for connecting apartment lighting.

Useful Tips

So, to your attention, those recommendations that will allow you to make the lighting in the apartment the most effective:

  1. Be sure to give preference to modern light sources - LED lamps. They will save energy and do not strain eyesight.
  2. Carry out light switch connection immediately upon entering the room, from the side of the doorknob. This will reduce the search time for a key in the dark.
  3. It is recommended that the key switch be mounted so that when the light is off, the key is at the top.
  4. Be sure to make the calculations provided above, otherwise, as a result, you can spend a lot of money in both cases: due to weak light in the apartment you will have to add new fixtures, which may entail the cost of acquiring new products, as well as repairing the walls after junction box search and laying another wire. The second case: too much powerful light will not be used to the full, but will only become evidence that a certain amount of money was wasted.
  5. Use such a trick as the play of light to install lighting in an apartment: hidden ceiling lights and gender, visually enlarging a room using a cold spectrum of colors, applying shadows, etc. We will definitely talk about all these tricks in the following articles.
  6. A simple rule, but, nevertheless, many electricians-beginners forget it: when installing the circuit breaker, it is necessary to break the phase, not the neutral wire. Otherwise, you cannot avoid electric shock when replacing a light bulb. You can find out more about phase and zero in the article: wire color marking!
  7. An important requirement - do not forget to turn off the electricity during electrical work.
  8. Give preference to products from well-known manufacturers. Poor quality products can cause short circuit and spontaneous combustion of electrical wiring, in addition to repair and maintain them will have to be much more often.

Finally, we recommend watching a video in which the specialist talks about some of the intricacies of organizing apartment lighting:

What kind of light should prevail in the interior

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to make lighting in the apartment with your own hands. We hope that this material was understandable for you, and most importantly - useful!

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